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Author: PheoniXPostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 7:38 am    Post subject: Re: Forum Template "error"

I managed to fix it, so id post how i did it for other people. BTW this is how to get any template to have its own style and not your themes style.

A little not about what certain things mean in this tut, !themename would mean what ever theme you use or what themes you use, also i have used the /html/ folder as an example, however your php-nuke may be installed in a different folder.

Firstly make a copy of your header.php (found in ..../html/) and name it headerbb.php.

Then find the line (42) that says:
Readme First
- Readme First! -

Read and follow the rules, otherwise your posts will be closed
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Nuke Cops :: View topic - Forum Template "error" Forum Template "error"

Nuke Cops -> Post-Install Help For Guests Only

Author: PheoniX PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 2:34 am    Post subject: Forum Template "error"

After installing a template on my forum, it wont use the backgrounds for the tables that come with the template, it uses the one that comes with the php-nuke template i use, also it uses the same text colour as the php-nuke template, please can i have some help in changing it: my site is..

ty in advance
echo "<LINK REL=\"StyleSheet\" HREF=\"themes/$ThemeSel/style/style.css\" TYPE=\"text/css\">\n\n\n";

Edit the HREF to say:

Now go to your selected phpbb theme you use (found in ..../html/modules/Forums/templates/!templatename/) then find the .css file in there named !templatename.css, make a copy of that and name it stylebb.css.

Then put a copy of stylebb.css in every theme you have installed in the style subfolder of your PHP NUKE folder (found in ..../html/themes/!themename/style/).

Make sure EVERY theme you have has a copy of the stylebb.css. Now find your nukebb.php file in your forum folder (found in ..../html/modules/Forums/).

Find and edit the line (7Cool:

Finally change this to say:

Upload all of your files (if you use a remote server) that you have edited in this tutorial. Now your forum will appear in its full glory. If you experience any errors with this tutorial post below =).
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