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Author: stingLocation: Apparently ALWAYS Online. . .PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:11 pm    Post subject:

Did it say that you could syndicate to YouTube on the site?

Just curious


Author: wHiTeHaTPostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 11:33 am    Post subject:

a quote from the site he mention:

Readme First
- Readme First! -

Read and follow the rules, otherwise your posts will be closed
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Nuke Cops -> Webmaster Netiquette

Author: usapmaster PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:41 pm    Post subject: PHP Nuke Video Experience - Not an advertisement please read

I cant seem to find an appropriate topic for this topic I am about to share.
I was in search of a video module for my PHPNuke website and I as already using Video Stream. Video Stream (by Steezmatic Designs) is great excpet for one, the current version doesnt have upload videos capability. It basically is a syndication of videos from different sites like youtube. I know Steezmatic is working on upload capability in the next release and I couldnt wait. For the meantime, I was in search of something that can provide both. I came across There is no other information available in that website other than whats in the main page. Forum is inactive and registration is inactive module too. I thought, if Steezmatic can provide a nice module for FREE, then for $30 USD, this must be good and so I bought it. It wasnt what I expected. Yes, you can upload your own videos, but you cannot syndicate Youtube. I tried and tried until I emailed the site admin to where I can get support and information. He was quick alright, but i was told support is thru email and that I cannot be refunded.
I understand fully that it is partly my fault so I told him, you can keep my money but I will share this to anyone else in the PHP Nuke community. Knowing the forum is not active, the user registration is not active in their website, there is already something amiss.
I cant wait for the next release of Steezmatic's Video Stream.

This post is my $30USD, not my one cent.
Remote Linking
Don't have a large server or have high bandwith capacity? You can now remotely link videos! Use other sites bandwith to your advantage! Worried about broken links over time? Let your users find them and report them with the easy to use form that automatically notifies you via email.

You can interpreter this as a YES
and as a
NO ->not really.... you must do this or that for youtube video's

And you should alway's try to do a refund in situations like this, even if it takes months before you get your money back , paypal will freeze the transfer ( if he try to move the $$$).
Explain you cant get into your account and into the forums couse they are disabled.
He also must be verifeid to be a software seller in paypal , it mean he can say... no refund , but paypal decides if he is allowed , it depand on how he register himself to paypal.
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