Brazilian PHP-Nuke Community - CNB - reaches 3,000,000 pageviews
Date: Saturday, May 01 @ 07:47:48 CEST
Topic: PHP-Nuke

It´s a huge pleasure to annouce that the Brazilian PHP-Nuke Community - CNB - has reached the amazing amount of 3,000,000 page views

The cause of this number is the success of our Support Board, who was responsible for a large ammount of this number.

Officers, I like to say THANK YOU for no measure of efforts to improve PHP-Nuke security and usability!

I also like to thank all the new incommers who arrives our portal every day, hungry for supoort, and, of course, to all experience users who spend their value time helping other users. Without your help guys, we´re nothing!

And, to finish, I like to say that we are growing as a Community just because we are respecting our users and sharing our knowledge. and we are doing this just to make PHP-Nuke better every day!

Thanks! @;D

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