Severe DOS Attacks & Very high bandwidth usage
Date: Monday, May 03 @ 12:13:10 CEST
Topic: Nuke Cops

We had a discussion with our webhost today and it appears that Nuke Cops and Computer Cops are so popular that we have already exceeded are monthly bandwidth limit. In fact, our usual sustained rate of traffic is 10Mbps. And we are growing. At these rates we'll be at a sustained 20Mbps circuit real soon.

Yesterday and today has seen an enormous DDoS against our web server. In fact, we've spiked up to 60Mbps during the attack, and it continues right now. Our webhost JaguarPC is working with us in these matters. So if you are wondering why our sites are slow, please see the graph below. The blue line represents the actual attack.

MRTG Graph from Noon Today

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