LXN ReOpen + 80 new blocks released
Date: Saturday, May 08 @ 10:18:48 CEST
Topic: Downloads

well two announcements here firstly After a lot of downtime we have now
managed to get the first site backup and running and a lot more secure :x and we
would also liek to take the time to announce we have released the first 50
blocks of our new idea, basically everyone on IRC will know of or heard of
XGoogle ... well this in short is just there search block the problem is rather
than haivng just one search block which would search every network we decided to
do them individually which means there are hmm around 952 blocks to copme from
us we have released the first 50.

IF your network is not listed please feel free
to request it and we will put it up there ASAP :)
you can download the blocks and view our new site

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