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Date: Saturday, May 08 @ 18:29:46 CEST
Topic: Add Ons

SkyMods Tournament Plus is finished! I am asking for some help before I have an official release. Along with this I am opening my new site. The site is primarily there to provide PHP-Nuke gamming sites Tournament and Ladder addons. Features for SkyMods Tournament Plus are...

Features availble in version 1.0:

-On first run, you will be prompted to make a tournament type. This is used so if you have many tournaments(maybe weekly) you do not have to do the setting types each week. All you have to do is select the type from the list and enter the current values.
-A type can also be set to default if you do not want to select it from the list each time.
-Edit settings or types at any time.
-When you want the tournament to officially start, just click so and the brackets will be displayed to all the players participating.

-Players sign-up on their own time. Activation is not required.
-Email restrictions and name restrictions apply like in the PHP-Nuke Your Account module.
-Players are given their ID# or Player Code. This is how they keep up with who they played.
-Sign-Ups close once the Tournament has started.
-Once the tournament has started(brackets displayed), players go and play their games. When ever they are finished, the winner and looser must submit the result back to the site. (This is where the use the ID# or player code of the opponent to submit who they played.)

-Displayed in tree form, left to right.
-Brackets and games are updated automatically!! As admin, all you have to do is decide the settings in the beggining and choose to start the tournament.

-This is for 1v1 play only, as soon as this is out, I will be working to add team play.
-There is a view settings module so players can view the settings at any time.
-There is a view players module so players can see who else has signed up. They can also find a Opponents Player Code here if they do not remember from the game.

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