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Date: Tuesday, May 11 @ 10:41:19 CEST
Topic: Add Ons

Ever wanted all the cool features of various login blocks combined into one neat little package? Well, I've done it for you and you can download it HERE from

Features include: Login/Log out, show member avatar, Private message notification (read and unread), Membership( Newest, latest 10 in scrolling marquee, new today, new yesterday, waiting and overall), People online (Visitors, members, hidden, total), Online Now( with links to private message and view profile, full IP address for admin, partially hidden IP for guests and users)Page hits recieved with a link to MS_Analysis info, New hits today with MS link, New Hits yesterday with MS link. total weblinks, total files offered for download, total download categories, and total number of downloads made from your site. Also Shows visitor IP and ISP, Shows the stats of your server(OS, PHP version, MySQL version, Date and timezone. top 3 visiting countries of today, top 2 visiting browsers of the day, and top 2 visiting operating systems of today

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