Fortress™ Status Update
Date: Wednesday, May 12 @ 14:45:42 CEST
Topic: Security

Fortress™ a premiere security application for any PHP website is steadily progressing with real world success at Nuke Cops™ and Computer Cops. The next release will build on the already award winning capability to stop annoying hackers. It will include cumulatively:

  • Alligators
  • BanOnDemand™
  • CSV Logging
  • HTML Logging

    Fortress™ effectively replaces the old .htaccess bad bots code. Used with BanOnDemand™ and Alligators, applications that harvest websites not just for their content but for email addresses will steadily make Fortress™ an artificial intelligent application.

    Our next release will give the owner/operator of a website the ability to educate Fortress™ on their terms. By supplying the Fortress™ HTML log for public viewing, harvesters will naturally lend to fetching the URLs that have been snared as attacks against your system. They will try to use those same attacks against you and will ultimately lead to a Fortress™ ban.

    Fortress™ will now build its own list of not only hackers, but harvesters trying to gain email for SPAM, or even bandwidth stealers.

    Fortress™ Benefits:

  • Stop SPAMMERS from data mining emails,
  • Stop bandwidth stealers from harvesting your site,
  • Intelligently build a ban list via fortress.htm,
  • No database connection is involved thereby ensuring no attacks can be injected thru Fortress™,
  • Triple Play intelligent work via fortress.htm, fortress.csv, and BanOnDemand™,
  • When a ban is enforced, they are fed to the Alligators,
  • Union Tap Code will sound the horn for Fortress™ to begin its magic.

    Along with the next release of Fortress™ comes an updated Union Tap Code. In all forms of plaintext and Base64, Union Tap Code targets HTTP GET queries that contain the not so friendly database terms:

  • DROP

    Speed is on the forefront of these applications. Only necessary functions are used to ensure proper protection quickly. Your users won't even notice they are running.

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