Nuke League 2.0 is released
Date: Thursday, May 13 @ 09:58:47 CEST
Topic: Modules

Nuke League 2.0 is released at You can download it here.

New in 2.0
* Added the ability to run tournaments. Either single elimination or round robin.
* Added arena feature- for easy mangement of game locations.
* Added in plugin capabilitites - developers can create add on modules to nuke-league.
* Nuke League is now availbale in 8 languages.
* and more...

Nuke-League is a multisport league management module for PHP-Nuke including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, cricket, volleyball and you can easily add your own (including gaming)... Features include auto updating standings, easy roster maintainence, player and team statistics, schedules, and match report entry. Nuke-League supports multiple seasons, customized stats and a permissioning system that allows for seperate rights for commissioners, managers, players, etc.

See it in action here.
You can see more Baseball, Basketball, Frisbee, Hockey and Soccer sample sites here.

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