BM2 Available For Download
Date: Sunday, May 16 @ 22:44:30 CEST
Topic: Downloads

BM2- A SwishMax SQL Dynamic Banner Menu This is a 700 x 110 pixel wide SwishMax Dynamic SQL main menu banner. It uses the nuke_modules table and nuke_users tables for it's data making it universal to all standard nuke setups. It assumes a standard layout without modifications to these tables. If you have modified them, email me for a tweaked version that points to the correct fields. This menu loads a dynamic .jpg 700x110 pixels wide which is the menu backgound/site logo. It loads a 700x110 swf (flash) movie for use as a running advertisement that runs just above the background but below the menus themselves. This .swf will have it's background stripped so it blends through to the users choice of background. When you author this movie, disregard your background as it will be stripped.

It also loads a 2 dynamic .jpg files as left and right semi-transparent menu backgrounds for contrast. This allows users to update their menu simply by switching out the backside graphics. Read the "Setup.txt" for instalation instructions. There will also be exported versions of the main SWF at our server for minor changes. Visit our Update Section for details.
Visit to see it running and to download a copy!

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