New Kids on the Block: User Points and Top Sites
Date: Friday, May 21 @ 08:54:09 CEST
Topic: Add Ons

See them in action here.
1. The original block of chatserv has been modified to contain two additional links - to the homepage of the member and to the Your Account userinfo page. You can also exclude additional user-id, as No 1 is usually reserved for the Guest/Anonymous users. No 2, usually the admin, has also been added.

If you would like to specify some more exclusions, add AND user_id !='n', where 'n' is the user_id of the member you would like to exclude from the statistics. See it in acction to the left, download it in DL Library > Blocks > Add-On. 2. New Top Sites block has been also developed and added to the EuroNuke DL library. It shows the last 20 Top Sites submitted to the database. The Block works with the Top_Sites module of download it in DL Library > Blocks > Scrolling.

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