Admin Secure 1.7 Released
Date: Friday, May 28 @ 23:11:50 CEST
Topic: Add Ons

Admin Secure 1.7 comes with tons of new features: Safe Requests Mode will force any request strings containing dangerous strings signatures (union, join, exec, select, insert, grant, etc) translated as HTML entities; Safe HTML Strings will translating "" characters into < and > entities, respectively. This will always prevent users submitting any of HTML formatted text. Both of them are extreme features intended for paranoid administrators. :)

Another features are comes from people's requests: Site Close/Open option, Delete unapproved admins (even they're God Admins) in Admin Approval page, SQL injection and forbidden HTML tags deep scanning modes, visitor's tracking system, maximum allowable visitors at the same time, and more. Version 1.7 also comes with better appearances and layouts for conveniences.

- Blocking known PHP-Nuke exploits.
- Prevent fake admin account access through input requests.
- Blocking cross-site scripting in modules.php and index.php files.
- Ensuring admin account session taken from cookie.
- Prevent unauthorized admin account creation, deletion, and modification.
- Compare admin account validity through "mirrored" database table.
- Changes to admin accounts (create, edit, delete) require God admin approval.
- E-mail notification. An alert sent along with additional info.
- Banning system for accessing site and PHP-Nuke modules.
- Log site activities.
- Flood Protection.
- And more.

Changes in This Version:
- Add: Safe Requests Mode
- Add: Safe HTML Strings
- Add: Automatic Database Checking (thanks to Anonymous)
- Add: Automatic Database Optimization (thanks to Anonymous)
- Add: Site Close/Open option in Administration Panel
- Add: Unapproved admin accounts deletion from Administration Panel
- Add: Confirmation Prompt
- Add: Selectable Blocking page (either html page or server response codes)
- Add: SQL Injection deep scanning mode (thanks to Anonymous)
- Add: Illegal HTML Tags deep scanning mode (thanks to Anonymous)
- Add: Tracking System (thanks to John1000)
- Add: Maximum Site Visitors (thanks to John1000)
- Add: Send mail notification as MIME mail
- Add: Send mail notification using IMAP (if supported by server)
- Upd: Strengthen Admin Secure global variables
- Upd: Improve Admin Secure Administration Panel interface
- Upd: Improve SQL Injection checking algorithm
- Upd: Flood protection auto-disable in admin/user login
- Fix: False illegal html tags checking in phpbb/bb2nuke Forum preview mode
- Fix: False illegal html tags checking in Private Messages preview mode
- Fix: Corrupt downloaded ban/log files if gz output enabled by server

File details:
- ZIP Packed File 315,234 Bytes (MD5 File: DBF87AF247C4DF80394A9011C667370A)
- TGZ Packed File 259,624 Bytes (MD5 File: 2F1CD7E519B0BD2C0753C6CDDD9589C2)

Download Link:
- SourceForge (both file types)
- Author's Homepage (ZIP only, no account registration required)

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