PHPNuke, it is a synonym for a globalwork: Bridging Distance, Culture & Time
Date: Thursday, December 02 @ 14:38:43 CET
Topic: General News

Nuke is by far the most global network on the whole net ;-> Apart from the net itself! and is generally the best thing ever. ;-> Since PHPNuke is one the largest socio-technical-network under the sun we want to leverage the Network for osc2nuke-the e-commerce-comagnion.

at the moment we re looking for some new supporters in the north-european area eg Norway - Sweden - Finnland, Denmark - who will join the team: any takers for osc2nuke - supportsites?

currently PHPNuke is well known in more than 35 countries and osc2nuke is following. We re working on a new map to leverage the knowledge-exchange and to improve the global network. both groups, phpnuke and osc2nuke share their knowledge and exchange many things - eg on [2500 modules blocks & hacks ]

Soon we have a very tight support-network with a pervasively networked gloal community: good conditions to bring one of the best weblog-ecommerce-migrations ahead! Who will enjoy the fun - working in a global network of osc2nuke-fellows: besides we have and and italian Site [runed by] and one in Israel and running as support sites around the globe!

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