the Cpan-like linkbase for PHPNuke, NukeCommerce and osc2nuke
Date: Thursday, December 16 @ 14:24:23 CET
Topic: Add Ons

Nuken.Com the Cpan-like linkbase for PHPNuke & NukeCommerce and osc2nuke

Nuken.Com goes through the roof permanently: the great linkbase for PHPNuke & osc2nuke hacks with more than 1100 links: they just released Nuke_Weather Version 1.3 Beta Metric:

Well at the moment on Nuken.Com you find more more cool modules, blocks and hacks to tailor the PHPNuke / osc2nuke to your needs. Allready they ve got more than 1100 Links to modules, Blocks, Hacks for PHPNuke, NukeCommerce and osc2nuke.

Please travel over to Nuken.Com the new CPAN for PHPNuke, NukeCommerce and osc2nuke-modules

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