MikeTech Community's NEW Look
Date: Monday, December 20 @ 19:22:36 CET
Topic: Help Requests

Hello folks. Just letting you know that the community and Support site for all languages has a new and better look. The site is still obviously not 100% completed as you may tell, however for the most parts, the forums are up and taking suggestions, comments and supporvitve help and help questions. A Special section has been added for you to submit your downloads in until I have add a downloads section.

I am also looking for helpand experienced users knowing how to run a vBulletan Admin and or Moderation Panel. Also experirened supporters as well to help out with supportive questions and helping maintain the community period. These persons will recieve a Free YOU@mtech.hosting.com email and all privlages once the site is at its complete.

Check out thee NEW SITE and Submit your WebLink to put more traffic on your site HERE.
Contact Us for Administration Positions HERE.. Have a great evening folks.

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