Celebrate crossing the threshold of 40,000 users: towards the very bright future
Date: Sunday, March 05 @ 17:46:37 CET
Topic: Nuke Cops

The next days will be a ongoing celebration: seeing NukeCops.com crossing the threshold of 40,000 users is true fun and a valid celebration.

We can see, the Nuke-future is very bright!

There have been many milestones that NukeCops.com has toppled since its opening, but none have been of such great stature as this one. NukeCops.com soon crosses the threshold of 40k users and such an achievement accomplished in several years - 40,000 users that share ideas, code and knowledge.

Sharing: Its what drew the developers, users, hackers and everyone else together... To share the challenge and the possibilities of new innovations - that belief is shared by the large Nuke group. At the global nuke-group we believe sharing is the way to create better ideas - ideas that can move the community, the code, and the world [all toghether]forward.

The ideas are the inspiration - share your thoughts - share your ideas - here on this site. Within a culture of idea-sharing and generalized social exchange, knowledge as the main resource of the community is multiplied by giving it away freely to others and thus, fosters contribution behavior.

Friendship, peer reputation and external feed-back provided by the global Nuke community combined with individual gain of knowledge, constitutes the self-sustaining system of exchange in the global nuke group."

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