Life Without Windows
Date: Tuesday, July 18 @ 05:56:27 CEST
Topic: Software

Having been approximately 4 months now, I must say am absolutely pleased with Linux (Mandriva Linux 2006). As mentioned in a previous entry. I really just had gotten fed up with Microsoft products and Windows specifically.

Also this whole 'legitimized' business model of spy ware/ad ware. It has in my opinion, become a de facto conspiracy between major software publishers, computer manufacturers, first tier marketers and technical support regimes. I see the ads on local cable network for computer repair (or should I say, install Spybot, Ad-Aware and run scans), I wonder if these guys get it? Or do they and are merely taking advantage of an opportunity?

Anyway, all went smooth from the beginning and without getting too technical...let's say the Linux install went faster and automatically configured ALL my devices! I do miss MS Publisher and wondering how all my 3 Gigs of Publisher files will be used...any comments are welcome. This journal entry and more are available at the DaDaNuke Users Journal.


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