File Repository Module Version 1.0
Date: Monday, July 24 @ 21:26:27 CEST
Topic: Modules

Hey all,

I just finished up version 1.0 of the File Repository module. It's a full module with an admin section that is similiar to the downloads module, but allows users to upload files while adding extension control, customizable fields and individual custom user access.

Check it out at (titled Gig Bag). Download it here:

-Files can be categorized under categories and applications.
-Admins can control which file extensions are approved for a given application.
-Admins can restrict access based on users donation in a given time frame
-Admins can restrict the number of files a user can download in a given time frame if they haven't donated files.
-Admins can grant or deny individual users access to the module for 1 to unlimitted days.
-Admins can check for ghost files (files not associated with a sql record) and deleted them to save server storage space.
-With restrictions in place, users can still browse - but not download.
-Users are emailed when their file is approved or denied.
-End User Upload Agreement in place for legal purposes.
-Rating System
-Up to 3 custom fields with custom labels for each application
-Custom filters for end users based on custom fields
-Downloads are forced so that files don't stream. -This adds a level of security so users can't see the directory the files are being downloaded from. Not tested with all browsers.
-Files are renamed to a timestamp upon upload for further security and to avoid overwriting files with the same name.
-Custom Access and User Download Tracking tables auto-clean themselves
-Javascript field validation
-Categories and applications can have custom icons

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