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Date: Sunday, July 30 @ 14:42:16 CEST
Topic: Themes

Hi all we just wanted to let you all know Art Of Gaming has released some new themes just lately for PHPNuke & Platinum and also Nuke Evolution.

Armed fury is a squad based theme that has 4 flavours Normal style CSS Style Americas Army style and Green..

Our most popular theme is AOG Camo which is again a squad based Battlefield 2 theme that also can be made to fit most games.

We have 2 themes coming up for release shortly called AOG Red Alert and AOG ZXi.. Red alert is a black futuristic looking theme.

While ZXi is a blue neon tech theme. Both are available with flash navs and flash welcome box that is configurable through a text file to control links and images for ease of use. And also a Flash Splash page configured through a text file Pop over to and see for yourselves. We have a good downloads database of free themes for platinum 7.6.b.4

Also we do graphics requests and alterations. Preview the themes here

Regards Gazzasan (Image Big)

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