Our New Host... Devil Modz
Date: Thursday, November 16 @ 05:39:54 CET
Topic: General News

Hi all.

We are now sitting nicely on our new host. I have tried to update everything i can if there is anything down or broken links on my site please let me know.

If you have posted a banner or button of our site somewhere please change the domain on it to devil-modz.us

Here are the current changes.
We are now hosted on http://3800hosting.com/ . . Please give em a look at.
My new domain will be http://devil-modz.us
My old domain http://devil-nuke-mods.be is forwarding to the new home. This domain will expired in january and as of right now I cannot afford the 20 bucks to keep it. EG I AM A FREE SERVICE .. LOL I would like to keep it if someone wants to help with the cost of it.

All emails should be sent to me at arleighesq@gmail.com all the time. Since I do not ussally rely on host email systems. Nothing personal but gmail is more perminant.

I would like to thank everyone for the help in the transition and the calmness.

Thank you again everyone.

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