Devil Modz- Sexy or Not v5 Released
Date: Thursday, February 08 @ 22:50:42 CET
Topic: Modules

Devil Modz - Sexy or Not V5 Released Hi all I put out a new version of my popular Sexy or Not Module for Nuke.
As you may all know it is already a big and pretty advanced hot or not like script. I just put a whole load of new features in it and many bug fixes. Read more for a list of changes.

For Full list of features goto my site in the download area for this script.
1 Made a new logo. PSD and Fonts are included in the Extra's Folder
2 There are some profile modz for userinfo page. Will show users last upload and a random upload from that user. Goto the Extra's to figure out how to install them.
3 Image View Counter. 5 minute anti record. So refreshing will not cout it up. (Most Requested)
4 Added a Quick Upload Block. Image or Text showing. Set in the block file. PSD for image included in Extra's
5 New Anti-Repost/Anti-Flood/Anti-Refresh system in the Comments posting section.
6 New Anti-Repost/Anti-Flood/Anti-Refresh system in the Uploads Section
7 All cookies used by SoN for Anti-whater has been removed for better compatibility to all servers.
8 Quick Menu in the Big Page by either Member or Category of the image being viewed.
9 Tooltips can now have a setable background and font color.
10 Admin config sys Page now refreshed to get up to date settings when you save.
11 Added a 5 Most viewed block
12 The bottom of the index now shows three scrolling rows of 5. They are 5 Most viewed, Last 5 Uploads, and Random 5 pics.
13 Fixed a bug in uploading scripts.
14 Fixed the on demand resizing code. Was not reducing correctly.
15 Added a Bulk Adding system. Can Bulk add from a folder on the server. (READ Specialfeatures.html for information)
16 Admin can now move an image to a different category from the Big page
17 Removed HTML emails and made them Text. Rewrote the sending code so it would accually turn off when you turned it off.
18 Fixed a bug in the admin approved file not sending emails.
19 Fixed a layout but on admin_config_sys page
20 Added settable option that admin can get an email on new comments
21 Cat_View page can be sorted by Total views now.
22 Your information ticker now shows how many overall views under your nick
23 Updated installer script by GazJ and me. He is a big help on my site. Kudo's m8. To view the module in action goto
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