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How to install PHP-Nuke

Chapter 3. How to install PHP-Nuke

Table of Contents
3.1. Prerequisites
3.2. Installation process
3.2.1. Download
3.2.2. Upload through FTP
3.2.3. File permissions
3.2.4. Database creation
3.3. How to install PHP-Nuke through phpMyAdmin
3.3.1. What Is PHPMyadmin
3.3.2. How to install phpMyAdmin
3.4. phpMyAdmin: How to administer MySQL via Web
3.4.1. phpMyAdmin navigation bar: Structure
3.4.2. phpMyAdmin navigation bar: SQL
3.4.3. phpMyAdmin navigation bar: Export
3.4.4. phpMyAdmin: other commands
3.4.5. How to install the DB of PHP-Nuke with PHPMyadmin
3.5. How to install PHP-Nuke using nukesql.php
3.6. How to install PHP-Nuke locally
3.6.1. easyPHP
3.6.2. XAMPP
3.6.3. Apache2Triad
3.6.4. Apache, PHP and MySQL on Mandrake Linux
3.6.5. Apache, PHP and MySQL on Red Hat Linux
3.7. The config.php file
3.8. Resources
3.9. Common installation problems
3.9.1. Test scripts
3.9.2. Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
3.9.3. Call to undefined function: message_die() in db.php line 88
3.9.4. Error: Failed opening 'language/lang-.php' for inclusion
3.9.5. Fatal error: Failed opening required 'includes/sql_layer.php'
3.9.6. Sorry, such file doesn't exist...
3.9.7. Warning: setlocale(): Passing locale category name as string is deprecated
3.9.8. Security code is not showing up
3.9.9. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in mainfile.php
3.9.10. Include path is wrong
3.9.11. Users don't receive any confirmation mails
3.9.12. Login loop
3.9.13. You have an error in your SQL syntax near '-------------
3.9.14. Error: Couldn't update private forum permissions
3.9.15. Invalid session in forums
3.9.16. You cannot create the administrator account
3.9.17. You lost the administrator password, or deleted the admin account
3.9.18. You get garbage in some parts of the page
3.9.19. Compressed output in forums
3.9.20. Warning: Cannot add header forums
3.9.21. In Windows, you get an empty page
3.9.22. You get a lot of Notice lines in the output of PHP-Nuke
3.9.23. How to get a more descriptive error message
3.10. Common miscellaneous errors
3.10.1. RSS block Error: There is a current problem with the headlines from this site
3.10.2. MySQL errno: 145: Can't open file nuke_XXXX.MYI
3.10.3. Modules do not show up and/or disappear
3.10.4. Forums Error: Can't create a category without a name
3.10.5. Left and right blocks are missing

The screenshots regarding the installation procedure, contrary to those of the other chapters, refer to the Windows platform. This is so in an effort to reduce the number of misunderstandings and ulterior help requests from the Windows community. (Judging from the feedback we receive, the Linux and FreeBSD community seem to be more able to deal with installation problems in this respect).

For the installation of PHP+ MySQL+ Apache, PHPMyAdmin etc. refer to Chapter 28 where you will find notes and links to useful tools in order to emulate PHP-Nuke on your client.

These instructions are valid for all PHP-Nuke versions from 6.0 onwards.

Web site engine's code is Copyright © 2002 by PHP-Nuke. All Rights Reserved. PHP-Nuke is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL license.
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