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Community: Nuke Haven is back
General NewsAfter a few months of being out, is back up and running and waiting for you to come register.

Check out the two admin utilities - Nuke Haven's Theme Fix Utility and Nuke Haven's User Points Admin Utility - an upgrade to the UserPoints system.

Simple tweaks that make life a lot easier for nuke admins can be found in the forums and in the downloads.

Registration is free, but access to the goodies (downloads, personal assistance by me (sting) via PM, and fame) will cost you $2.00 for six months.

Please come by for a visit some time.

Posted by sting on Tuesday, January 31 @ 20:36:16 CET (4327 reads)
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Community: Underworls Updates
General Newshhg writes "Hello everyone

Us at underworld-inc has been adding loads of downloads, and continue to do so. We are trying to achieve one goal, thats satisfied users. We are adding downloads you want, and adding more photoshop tutorials, phpnuke, and alot more. We also will be doing blocks and modules customize for you, so come check us out now! and join our community. Click Here.

Posted by bronteland on Thursday, July 15 @ 11:27:29 CEST (2968 reads)
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Community: Serbian Language pack version 7.3
PHP-NukeHajduk writes "Ready for download is the Language Pack for PHP Nuke 7.3. Also stop by at our site for more additional downloads and addons. PHP Nuke Serbia"
Posted by bronteland on Friday, June 25 @ 13:06:16 CEST (3697 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
Community: What makes YOUR site Unique?
PHP-NukeAnor writes: "Oke people just a little question too satisfie my curiousity. I am very curious why you think/know why YOUR phpnuke site is so different too all those others.

I think these kind of topics are fun and should bring this little community somewhat together. If this thread goes well i am planning too install the cash mod with all the addons (suggestions on this are also more then welcome).
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Wednesday, June 09 @ 09:03:38 CEST (2944 reads)
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Community: #PHPNuke: We seem to be running very good!!!
InternetSean writes "I can proudly say that the channel #phpnuke on the server is running
very smooth...

I also can say that we have helped alot of people and we also gained some new
crew members.
The next step now is to go global with our own site. The site isn't up yet,
but we are expecting it very soon.

Our site will not run on phpnuke, that i'm sorry to say... But instead of phpnuke
i'll be coding the whole site.

And there will also be an phpBB integration."
Posted by [RETIRED]Mantis on Friday, April 16 @ 21:45:05 CEST (3025 reads)
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Community: Nuke Cops and Stanford University
Off-TopicNuke Cops has created a special distributed computing club at Stanford University for Folding (Folding@Home) and Genoming (Genome@Home) at Home. These projects require the use of a client that folds and synthesizes proteins to find cures against many human diseases. Lets extend PHP-Nuke into this realm of community support.
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Tuesday, February 17 @ 13:16:35 CET (36358 reads)
(Read More... | 811 bytes more | 6 comments | Score: 4.12)
Community: Computer Cops: 10 million page views / 15 thousand members
General NewsNuke Cops started out as a Computer Cops venture earlier this year, and I'm glad to share with the community that Computer Cops has achieved over 10,000,000 page views with a registered member count of 15,400. The past couple months have seen about 1,200,000 page views per month, and this month (December) this site is surpassing Nuke Cops for the month. Thank you folks!
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Monday, December 15 @ 06:00:00 CET (2816 reads)
(comments? | Score: 5)
Community: Got News?
General NewsDo you have news you want to share with community-at-large? As you may have guessed Nuke Cops typically approved any submission we receive because after all we are community driven. Thanks to everyone who has submitted news, and for those who continue doing so. If you have ever felt the desire to submit but opted not too, then this article is for you. Feel free to submit news about your products, services, websites for general public releases. In our case, "news is good news".
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Friday, December 05 @ 13:05:45 CET (4930 reads)
(Read More... | 2 comments | Score: 2.5)
Community: New Official Community Site In ISRAEL Has Opened!
General NewsBIG_BOSS1 writes "A new Community Official site has opened this week By the PHP-Nuke Israel Team!
Hello nukers! i got some news from israel! new community site has opend by me Roy Shiker and my lovely staff.
In the site you can find: PHP-Nuke verision in hebrew to downlod (6.5, 6.7, 6.8) modouls,blocks,themes and more Information about the PHP-Nuke!.

I'm proud to be a part fo this great Community and help it grows and get better in israel too :-)
And i'm hoping to work with other Community sites and learn more.
If You want to reach me try: or

Yours sincerely,
Roy Shiker
PHP-Nuke-Israel Adminstrator
Posted by [RETIRED]chatserv on Monday, October 13 @ 00:54:04 CEST (4189 reads)
(Read More... | 5 comments | Score: 0)
Community: NukeDiva has new domain
Off-Topicladysilver writes "I have moved NukeDiva from Lycos and it is now located at

Recently added are forum skins for the updated Dracony and Tropicale themes.
We only host our own downloads, so anything you find at NukeDiva will be something created, modified, or or otherwise adapted to PHP-Nuke 6.5 and above for our site."
Posted by [RETIRED]chatserv on Saturday, September 13 @ 18:03:25 CEST (3936 reads)
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[ NukeCops ]
Should phpNuke continue to support other databases besides MySQL?

Does anyone care?


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