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Need Help!: Dazzle CMS Looking for Beta Testers / Developers
Help Requests

Dazzle CMS is an Object Orientated CMS written groundup in PHP5 built apon our Dazzle Framework.

which includes our user classes, session classes, module management, groups, files & folders (ftp, sftp, ssh2 etc) file system

and is compatible with almost all phpnuke modules (note: Dazzle CMS is not compatible with phpnuke blocks / themes due to our template engine uses smarty)

most of phpnuke modules were back ported and now uses our framework for example phpnuke adverting modules etc

Dazzle CMS is still work in progress and is almost ready for public testing for those that wish to join our private testing join our mailing list @

if your looking at helping with Dazzle CMS ie, with ideas / features / scripting / beta testing visit

Posted by perfect-games on Wednesday, February 17 @ 21:40:26 CET (22036 reads)
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Need Help!: seeking beta testers and php developers.
Help Requests
seeking beta testers and php developers.  

hi everyone as some of you may know end of this year or early jan / feb we are releasing cms revolution 2.0. 
& php revolution  php revolution is a complely built groundup around php5 
but has some compality support for php4 using our php5 to php4 emulation scripts.  
so what is php revolution? php revolution is an advanced php framework for portals and can be used to start a php project 
with. featuring advanced template engine, intelligent encrytion engine. and backend by revolutiontpl engine, 
which is not just a template engine but also a scripting lanuage of its own.  
allows the php developer to support new features they require.  there are many great features and security enhancements in the framework, 
and most will only be told to the developers and beta testers as this is still work in progress.  
the project is about 60% complete now and we will start the first phase of beta testing and we would like people to try out portal framework   
cms revolution 2.0  and our game control panel as well both built of the same core code. 
and shows everyone whats possible with the framework, with little or no coding just by using our templates.  the system will work out of the box as a website, 
but can be something more with little coding.  
to become part of team of researchers, developers or beta testers or you feel you have something that will help the project please feel free to email me at or check out our developers site or use our forums to signup as beta tester or developer.  

many thanks  Steve (Owner/ Developer / Webmaster )    - Staff
Posted by perfect-games on Saturday, August 19 @ 17:39:54 CEST (9530 reads)
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Need Help!: Host Deny-Your Fast Track Security Resource
Securityfisicouk writes "It was a dark cold day in late november, and, I was cruising the web, when... I saw the following message on my site.

SpyKids Ownz You - Greetz: Nickvicq

It was at that very moment I decided that something had to be done. I'd been the victim of hacking before, but a quick google search revealed that this guy was hacking not only my site, but many many others. Straight away I said to myself, I'm going to create a site with all the tools possible to stop hackers hacking into your site.

You may be wondering how I aim to achieve this using a free site, This is the starting point. In due cource I hope that someone will recognise what I'm trying to do, and agree to host it for me. In the mean time, I'm starting now. I'm not going to give these people any more time to hack sites. I'm going to do my bit now to stop it. And it's called Host Deny chosen because it stops hackers accessing your site in the first place, and thats what we want, isn't it?

If you are willing to support the site by either by helping to moderate, host downloads or help with coding or support, give me a bell at url: (I know, it's tacky but hey I aint got the money)"
Posted by VinDSL on Thursday, December 16 @ 04:56:14 CET (7487 reads)
(comments? | Score: 0)
Need Help!: Kwiki-Nuke: - Inaugural Event
Nuke CopsNuke Cops created a new site a couple months ago and has decided to release it to the public. It is a subdomain off of called (docsNC). docsNC is based on the Kwiki-Wiki framework with an RCS versioning engine. This enables communal interaction. Please help us help others by visiting and offering your expertise to the document system in its beginning stages. Examples have been created to help pave the road toward the future. It is a self-moderated website, and together, we can offer another resource to the community-at-large for free. Thank you, and join us in this inauguration of docsNC.
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Thursday, November 20 @ 14:44:55 CET (5559 reads)
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Need Help!: PHP-Nuke HOWTO now automatically translated in 8 languages!
PHP-Nukechris writes "Hello all,

I added an automatic translation tool from AltaVista to the footer of every HTML page of the PHP-Nuke HOWTO. This enables the readers to get a translation of the page they are viewing in

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portugese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Monday, August 11 @ 00:19:25 CEST (5419 reads)
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Need Help!: Your My_eGallery port bugs found
PHP-NukeAnonymous writes "Hello, I have found alot of bug's in the My_eGallery port, first one is on line 302 in install.php your coded "globle" and it should be "global". Also when you fix that and you click install tables from scratch you then get this error "Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home2/et2k/public_html/modules/My_eGallery/public/mainGallery.php on line 120"

Thats as far as I got, sorry for the bad news"

Admin Note: As an aside, Nuke Cops was able to install the port successfully using the straight SQL file instead of the PHP Install.
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Sunday, February 02 @ 12:52:22 CET (7322 reads)
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Need Help!: Analyzer 1.89 Now Ready
DownloadsView it here release 1.89. On top of everything else from previous releases, this one now checks system info and brings up a recursive directory listing along with respective permissions.
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Saturday, February 01 @ 22:01:20 CET (5541 reads)
(Read More... | 8 comments | Score: 0)
Need Help!: Help Needed!
Help RequestsAnonymous writes "I am trying to develope a custome module for my web site. I converted my web site to phpnuke from html and it went fine. So i desided to write a custome module for a database that is the hart of my site. So far so good. But i hit a bug on the way that i just cant figure out. Mostly due to my lac of knowhow with PHP. Here it is
I try to upload a Image to a database and when i check my filename it said (array) and not the filename or path. Anyone willing to give it a shot?"
Posted by Zhen-Xjell on Tuesday, January 21 @ 14:23:45 CET (5940 reads)
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[ NukeCops ]
Should phpNuke continue to support other databases besides MySQL?

Does anyone care?


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