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PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2)
PHP-Nukenukelite writes Hello Nukers! After a communication with Zhen-Xjell from NukeCops we both agreed in publish some words to put some stuff in its place. Recently I announced that I hired two guys that will help me with some ideas I have. Since those ideas are big ones, I decided to have two coders under my direction. I'll pay them for the work and they agreed to pass any code's copyright to me, that's part of the contract. This people will work very close to me so I can manage and view any work before it goes final and included into PHP-Nuke.

Zhen-Xjell aka Paul from NukeCops has a great developers team that works very hard in so many stuff on PHP-Nuke. My idea to have a particular team isn't to substitute in any way the work of NukeCops dev team. They are working very hard in security and in the phpBB modules. My team will have a work to create a totaly proprietary forums and private messages modules. Proprietary in this case means that will be 100% made FOR PHP-Nuke. One of the orders are that those forums should have exactly the same functionality as phpBB and migration tools should be painless for the users trying to use the exact same database scheme of phpBB.

Doing this we all win. Those guys a very good coding in PHP, we'll have a native code forums. After this work, the forums module should need maintainers, and obviously NukeCops dev team will have this task.

My dev team will also help me on organizing lot of stuff, like the upgrade of the Club files. There are at this time over 3GB of themes, blocks and modules that should be tested, one by one, repackaged and classified. This is one of the most important tasks of this private dev team.

We're also planning to create a Windows client that will communicate with PHP-Nuke API and grab information to create more robust communities.

I'm working on a new News module and some more parts of the code to bring PHP-Nuke into the next level with a more professional look.

One more person that should be mentioned is chatserv from NukeResources who's making also a very nice work catching bugs and sending fixes. I'm in conversation with Zhen-Xjell and Chatserv in order to syncronize our efforts and next versions of PHP-Nuke will include many code from both of them.

The new version of PHP-Nuke has been started today. It will have a lot of stuff removed, many new stuff thinking in the commercial profit of the users, and LOT of bugs fixes and security holes fixes.

I'm also reviewing the actual translation system, which is a pain in the ass for any coder, the abstraction layer calls, variables verification, single and double quotes everywhere, and maybe a new themes system based in CSS style sheets.

So... the main idea of this post is to make it clear that Zhen-Xjell, chatserv and me are in contact and working for all you with the goal to give you the best portal software ever made... contrary to some malicious comments out there, there is not any crisis in progress... all this is working in the way it should work and the community is growing and growing day by day.

About the new server... I'm waiting the availability from the hosting company. As soon as they are available I'll acquire it and start all the tests. I'll be announcing the progress here.

With the launch of the new server I'll re-activate forums and comments system as well.

Hope all you have a more clear vision of where will PHP-Nuke go in the future and hope to have your confidence on the new direction that will bring wonderful results for sure.

Thanks for your attention and have a very nice day!
Posted on Thursday, March 04 @ 19:01:02 CET by IACOJ
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PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2)

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Great (Score: 1)
by Crusader on Thursday, March 04 @ 20:17:56 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
well i want to thank you FB for this great thing for the community and chatserv that gives great fixes and everybody that makes this community a good place to be in.

about the translation of PHPNuke i'm an hebrew translator and i've translate 6 verision of the nuke..
i want in the new PHPNuke that going to come up i want my lang to be include and i want to speak with you about some other things if you can contact me please

- roy

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by bigtree on Thursday, March 04 @ 23:28:00 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
I have one thing to say to this... RIGHT ON! phpnuke is without a doubt, history in progress. I think you have made the statement we all needed to here. I have faith in this team.


Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by Hajduk on Friday, March 05 @ 01:51:12 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
Paul, ever since I send you that email with the documents on a mod for Phorum the line has been dead. What can I expect? Beta came out and its working very nice.

My opinion is to use Phorum as a new forum mod for the updates. Much better then phpBB, but thats my opinion.

I hope the translations will be that good that if you change language it changes the whole menu's etc.

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by Dashe on Friday, March 05 @ 05:18:48 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
Well I am glad that you guys here are finally getting some real credit from FB about what you do here and that you are going to syncronise your effrorts, becaue it was crazy that you guys fix some bugs and in the next version of PHP-Nuke there they where again NOT FIXED.

Aynway my only point that I would like to make if you could pass it on to both your team and the FB team is try not to make the new Forum and PM systems a requirement as in the your account module where it is so intergrated that you dont have a choice but you have to use it.

If they do come out with a new PHP-Nuke Forum do you intend to still do your phpBB Port as I would prefer to stick with that forum

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by georgiaguy on Friday, March 05 @ 08:18:06 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
Good news, but the only thing that cheeses me off is the proprietary forums.
Unless there is an easy way for standalone phpBB to use PHPNuke's user table, I won't have any choice but to move to PostNuke.

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by revspalding on Saturday, March 06 @ 18:48:12 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
This is great- and may I make a few suggestions that I think would interest many users.

1. Incorporate a groups system that will allow the admin to limit access to topics by groups.
2. Develop a desktop tool that can monitor any topic (selectable) that you are authorized to view on a periodic basis and provide audible alarm when new content is posted.
3. Build a calendar into nuke that can also be linked to your desktop client through xml.

Man, I have a few more than a few, don't I? I laud your efforts, may the wind be at your back and the bugs squished beneath your feet.... I wished I was young again.

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by nuke-lux on Friday, March 12 @ 13:25:58 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
Man FB NOW you are totally stupid !?! You see that nukecops do great work an you know your time is past. So now to come back you have to steal a lot of good ideas from nukecops, like a windows client, a better news module and lot more. These things are requested since you started nuke, and you have never made one of these usefull changes, you just added more and more commercial festures to your site, abd now you need people that buy the things they can get for free at

The most crazy and stupid idea i have read in the last 5 years is your idea to create "My own dev team". HA HA HA, yes that the strengh of opensource to create commercial, personal, developement teams???????????

FB please close nobody needs that site anymore, let nukecops do their great work. Stop stealing their fixes and ports. Just relax and open a site about stupidity thats better for you...

Re: PHP-Nuke the beggining to the end (Score: 1)
by liveuk on Monday, April 05 @ 23:53:33 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
In the beggining some guy took some php scripts from the web and hacked about with em missing the odd " quote marks and / slashes and Globals so some people fixed these and posted in a very very busy phpBB forum. Who made nuke? that forum was it and still is all the user code was TAKEN from it. Now this guy who wants all the thousands of people's credit wants to make a new forum by paying two guys to make one. HAY YOU TWO yes you two that he is to pay to make a forum make one yourself's and keep the copyright for yourselfs. Call it we left some guy in the dark because he cannot code and never will be able to. Walk away change the name nukecops to php portal or something and just take the code with you, he did I remeber "phpLinks" erm looked just like the one inside nuke ......

Thank you "Some Guy" for giving us a laugh anyway in case you forgot WE ALL BUILD IT NOT YOU!!!

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by Draving on Friday, April 30 @ 21:53:04 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Very good NukeLite, I wait for with desire the new versions ;) - Draving []

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by programasfull on Monday, May 17 @ 16:24:42 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I am in agreement with that, clear that if

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by mendieta on Saturday, June 05 @ 04:26:28 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
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Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by ezequiel_arg on Saturday, June 05 @ 15:14:18 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
proprietary forums, why?
Please think it better! The rest is excelent!
Greatz Hackear Hotmail []

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by polarizer on Wednesday, June 30 @ 11:53:42 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I think that it might be best to rewrite everything. Then make a comprehensive migration tool to move everything from nuke to the new set-up..

News Module : I would suggest that you use slashcode as a guide and model the system like that. The commenting system can be directly integrated with the forums. Inherent tracking systems etc. will ease modding and debugging immensely.

Please also follow strict conventions for all your code and do not allow *official* mods to be posted unless they follow this. And please please please use a detailed changelog :)

I'll shut up now :)

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by Zona-Software on Thursday, July 15 @ 21:16:11 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)

Very good idea , congratulations
Webmaster: Zona-Software []

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by sergids on Sunday, July 25 @ 04:47:14 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)

it's great for all us that Open Source projects don't die. So, help them grow.

I give my delevopement knowledge to PHPNuke community. I've developed some important PHPNuke addons like Crossword module and the recent Top Music module.
If you need my help, don't hesitate to contact me and I will contribute with this great project.

SergiDs []

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by jose1234 on Friday, August 27 @ 15:54:06 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2)

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Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by cyberluk on Monday, January 31 @ 05:58:15 CET
(User Info | Send a Message) http://sourceforge (not active)
I'm professional developer - I know PHP5 as well as PHP4. At this time I'm developing new PHP5 content management system for community.If you wish I can join you and work (for free).My CMS uses latest PHP5 and OOP technologies (thanks to my Java knowledge).So I can join you(php4 :-(( ? ),you can join me(php5 :-) !) or we can make or CMS's compatible - I tought about some Abstract Module Layer so our modules will be fully compatible....In my modules I think I don't use something incompatible to PHP4...only 'extends' word - this can be removed.
I'm doing all of this alone and for free.I descript every block of code with comments and then generate automatic documentation,etc...

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by davnel on Thursday, April 07 @ 03:09:43 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I have been developing webs for several years... once I found phpnuke everysite developed since has the nuke engine running on it ;-p

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by scandicdiscopub on Friday, November 11 @ 13:57:44 CET
(User Info | Send a Message)
See also our subscription module for PHP- Nuke []

Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by sharly on Sunday, May 18 @ 20:29:36 CEST
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Re: PHP-Nuke new development direction (part 2) (Score: 1)
by sharly on Sunday, May 18 @ 20:30:11 CEST
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