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The Tao of PHP-Nuke, by Zhen-Xjell
PHP-NukeEvery once in a while I like to think about how it is I got here. That's a pretty broad statement that. So lets massage it. "Every once in a while I like to think about how it is I got here among the PHP-Nuke community and vision". One of my past articles talked about why I started using PHP-Nuke and the reason for my believing in the product. This particular article is going to focus on events in recent memory: 2003. many of you have been around during these events and will recall them as I do: fondly. And for the new members of this wonderful community, you'll learn quickly that we've grown into a happy online family of sorts. Folks have built strong relationships and earned trust. Networking has somehow become second nature to running a PHP-Nuke website. That's been the biggest joy of mine, meeting many wonderful folks and forging strong relationships. Of course there have been down times as any relationship goes, but overall, I believe that the positive far outweigh the negative. Otherwise, I would have retired long ago.

Earlier this year a team was created that consisted of myself, Chatserv, and ArtificialIntel. I took the opportunity to re-start with these folks and ever since the website has proven itself to be a vital one in the Nuke community. This team has overall grown to include an elite group of members titled "Elite Nukers". They have proven themselves to be experts in their fields of PHP-Nuke development and/or support. Most of the original team and the following list are still currently active as staff at Nuke Cops: Raven, Cyberclark, allevon, mikem, disgruntledtech, dgrabows, Tomn, and sixonetonoffun. These folks have brought their skills, teamwork attitude, love of all things PHP-Nuke, and friendship to Nuke Cops at one time or another. For the fact is, everyone that has been on this team held strongly the belief that "human passion and understanding" outweighed "business". That's why the vision I have for Nuke Cops has been such a success: you, the member, comes first. And because of that winning attitude, you have all made Nuke Cops a valuable addition to the Nuke World.

Why do I say addition? Because Nuke Cops stands on the shoulders of giants. We cannot forget the past. First and foremost is and always will be Francisco Burzi for his concept, design, and continual development of PHP-Nuke itself. Other folks who contributed significantly throughout time have been King Richard, Don Grabows (dgrabows), Tom Nitzschner (Tomn), BobMarion, Humpa, Darrell Harder, and many others that have cared for the Nuke community. You know who you are.

Nuke Cops continues to forge ahead with the likes of Don and Tom, and our other premiere staff today: Chatserv, Raven, Cyberclark, allevon, mikem, and disgruntledtech. What can I say, I am very luck and fortunate to have met these folks, and registered the domains: & Yes, I am "Zhen-Xjell", otherwise known as "Paul Laudanski" who owns all things Nuke Cops and Computer Cops. Many of you who know me know that I very much am enjoying this project and community. Server expenses come from my own pocket, and only recently have I put up features for members like you to help me financially. I thank you all not only for your kind support as friends but also financially. Things like this help me to help the community by providing the first ever CVS distribution of an officially approved PHP-Nuke bundle. And its because of this dedication that Francisco has brought us in officially to help develop PHP-Nuke.

I've seen many versions of a PHP-Nuke content management system. PostNuke, Xaraya, vBulletin Portal, and the list goes on. Even some portals like SlashCode exist. However, I believe the easiest one, the most professional, and highly support on a 24/7 basis is PHP-Nuke. That's why not only do I stay here, but the rest of the team too.

Everyone on the team contributes their time and energy, away from their families or businesses, to enhance PHP-Nuke and support members like you. We're all one big family. Its great to network and to build team winning projects. Flocking to all things that are good can only breed more things that are good, even greater. Francisco's vision is spreading like wild-fire. Why? Because its a wonderful life.

So next time you drop by your favorite PHP-Nuke sites, take a moment to post a thread publicly and say "Thanks". It does a body good. Now, as someone I know always says "you can do better". And that's what I hope everyone here strives to do. Lets move forward together, converting more winning ideas into real-world code and features. Upward and onward.

Web Sites:
  1. AllevonTech
  2. Computer Cops
  3. CyberClark
  4. Ecomjunk
  5. Gaylen's PHP Scripts
  6. Nuke Cops
  7. Nuke Cops - Beta PHP-Nuke Bundle
  8. Nuke Cops - PHP-Nuke Bundle Snapshots
  9. Nuke Cops - PHP-Nuke CVS Repository
  10. Nuke Mods
  11. Script Heaven
  12. Toms-Home
  13. Voices in my Head
Posted on Saturday, July 26 @ 14:49:10 CEST by Zhen-Xjell
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Re: The Tao of PHP-Nuke, by Zhen-Xjell (Score: 1)
by sharlein on Saturday, July 26 @ 18:03:03 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Thank you, one and all.

Re: The Tao of PHP-Nuke, by Zhen-Xjell (Score: 1)
by VinDSL on Saturday, July 26 @ 22:22:20 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
LoL! Hey, Paul, I feel that way sometimes. I just have a little cry and I'm all better. I guess you just slobber all over your keyboard. j/k, you dah man, ZX!

Re: The Tao of PHP-Nuke, by Zhen-Xjell (Score: 1)
by stmpeters on Sunday, July 27 @ 14:09:40 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I have one correction to what you have above. For a brief period of time, the CVS to PHP-Nuke was open and available on SourceForge. There was also a development team working on PHP-Nuke, run by KingRichard. Shortly after starting the team, however, it was shut down.

Re: The Tao of PHP-Nuke, by Zhen-Xjell (Score: 1)
by Richard-nukecops on Tuesday, July 29 @ 13:31:08 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)

Thanks for your initiatives to foster phpnuke.

Personally, I really miss a vibrant forum for exchanging modules/tips/ideas as it was at, before that feature was abruptly terminated by nukelite. I have been visiting this site every now and then, to see whether it has reached that level: any way we are on the right track.

Keep it up.


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